BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation

weight loss newsThe (BMI) Body Mass Index is a value you can use to determine whether you are overweight, underweight or ideal weight. The BMI is calculated by a simple formula with which the relationship between body size and weight is determined. According to the classification of the BMI of women between 19 and 24, men 20 to 25

If your BMI is higher than 30, you are very overweight. You should urgently consult your doctor and discuss it with an appropriate diet Plans. Please note that the BMI is not suitable for determining the ideal weight of very muscular men. For people with missing limbs must be taken into account in the calculation of BMI specific correction values. We have a BMI calculator for people with amputations programmed.

From a body mass index of 30 is present with obesity, which can be treated. The calculation of BMI is simple and can also be calculated on the Internet with the help of various providers. The BMI is body weight in kilograms divided by height squared. A heavy 55kg and 1.60m tall woman has a BMI of 21 has Depending on the woman's age, this value is in the lower range and is already underweight dar.

In men, however, the normal values ​​of BMI are higher than for women because men have more muscle mass than women. The BMI is partly due to its inaccuracy very controversial, because he has no information on the percentage of body fat is. Athletes have for example a higher muscle mass and thus achieve a higher BMI, which would not normally be overweight. The BMI takes into account the stature of the man's wife or not, but this diagnosis to determine the over-or underweight is absolutely necessary. Absence of a person one or more limbs, BMI can not be calculated in the normal way.

Using a table must be here until the theoretical body weight can be calculated that the person would weigh with all limbs. This weight is then used in the described formula.

Evaluation of the BMI

To determine if you are overweight or normal weight, it is not enough alone to measure "BMI" to consider. Essential to the assessment, is how to compose the body weight. A muscular strength athletes due to the weight of above-average muscle mass much more than an average-built man and may well also have a BMI of 30, without that he is regarded as overweight. For the "average citizen" of BMI is definitely a useful measure to assess whether he is underweight, overweight or normal weight.

Basically: If the BMI in the upper normal range or above should already be covered nutrition. A healthy low fat diet with fruits and vegetables will bring the BMI in most cases down to the normal range!


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  2. Body weight of a person is theoretically the weight of the person without any items on. However, for all practical purposes, body weight is taken with clothes on but often without the shoes and heavy accessories like mobile phones and wallets. Thanks.

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