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To provide the best performance on the playing field is not only a good workout and a good preparation for the conditional right healthy diet to do so. The body needs many nutrients for strenuous sports or he responds with exhaustion and injury. Basically, a full, rich in vitamins Nutrition with less sugar and alcohol are important. The diet consists of athletes from the same components as those of non athletes. However, because the athletes have a higher need for physical exertion. The healthy nutrition always consists of the components of protein, carbohydrates and fats.


The protein should be lean in order to stress the body too much. One should not only take animal protein to vegetable protein but also themselves. Suitable protein sources include meat, fish, milk and soy products, but also legumes. Protein is essential for the Metabolism, For building and maintaining muscle and recovery after sport. An athlete should take about 1-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day to himself, for tennis players should be a rich g, strength athletes expect 2g Too much protein is excreted by the kidneys and strain on the kidneys by a cause far not overly protein to eat.


Carbohydrates provide energy for daily activities. The body needs not only consume carbohydrates for physical activities, intellectual activities and the carbohydrates. The daily requirement should be 50% to about to be covered by carbohydrates, preferably from whole grains. Here are, above all, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, legumes, and bananas. Au sugar and white flour products should be better without.

Also fat metabolism needs to work to correct. Athletes and non athletes should rely on high-fat, cold-pressed oils and nuts are a valuable source. One should prefer vegetable fat, but if you eat lots of meat and dairy products, a lot of animal fat increases to three times a week is enough meat.

Vitamins and Minerals

Belong to any health diet, many Vitamins and minerals. They must be fed on the diet. Therefore in order to get enough vitamins and minerals you eat five times a day fruit and vegetables. That must be a big portion not always, an apple, a tomato on bread, some salad or vegetables for dinner and the relevant fruit or raw vegetables as a snack. Vitamins are found in all foods, especially whole grains.

Nutritional Supplements

Weight Loss NewsVitamin supplements can correct a deficiency in vitamins, but it should not be relied upon. In addition to vitamins and minerals are found in plant foods have photochemical. You have not yet explored all of it will be several thousand substances, but it is believed that they are very valuable to our health fitness. Athletes take in addition to the normal diet of many a food supplement products. To what extent this is necessary to decide the attending physician. Even for teenager athletes, such products are available, how far this sport performance has improved every athlete find themselves. These products are designed for athletes with three hours of sport a week, probably not necessary, but amateur athletes can train every day for 1-2 hours may improve their performance and regeneration.


Who in vegetables, eat salad, fruit and whole grain products, receives enough dietary fiber. The fiber binds to toxins in the gut and carry them out, one suspects that they reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. The feeling of satiety is increased by a lot of fiber.

Eat before and after training

If you eat before training more often charged too much and the stomach can not train properly. The last meal before the workout should be about 3 hours back. If you then still want to eat before a workout should be a little, eat a banana 30 minutes before the sport. Who can take a long time trainer during exercise crabs, it is recommended that one drink is enriched with carbohydrates to choose, thus, the body can absorb these carbohydrates quickly.

After training, you need a meal consisting of protein and carbohydrates. This meal promotes the regeneration of the body, which can, for example, chicken with rice and vegetables, pasta or potatoes with his salmon with cottage cheese.

Before, during and after the training need of the body well hydrated. Before training, one should drink enough, 05 liters of fluid in addition to the normal amount of 1.5 liters, sports drink on long units must also during exercise. After sport, the depots are replenished.

Remove and eat healthy with sports

Sport is a great place with the Remove . support But only sports can not melt the fat. Anyone with sports remove like a lot of training and should not eat too little. You should stick to the same principles, but avoid alcohol and sugar completely. With a Calorie Calculator one can calculate his calorie consumption and calorie needs, who is about 500 calories below its demand will decrease on a regular basis without affecting its performance.


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