The Mayo regimen

A diet hard but effective

The Mayo diet, named after its inventor, is a very strict diet, short-term (2 weeks) and can lose up to 8 pounds the first week! With the Mayo regimen, which is kind of low calorie , sugar and starches are totally forbidden, ditto for soft drinks or flavored. The only drinks permitted are coffee and tea (without sugar!) And above the water it is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters per day.

should not exceed 1000 calories per day, and for this should ban foods high in fat and carbohydrates, including fruit that should be consumed in small quantities.

receipts Mayo regimen consist of grapefruit, toast (no butter or jam) for breakfast, and eggs, meat and fish for lunch and dinner.

The major drawback is that the Mayo regimen causes a real strain because of reduced intake calcium and vitamins. It is for this reason that the Mayo regimen should not last more than 2 weeks.


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