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Protein Diet
Protein Diet
To determine the effect of dietary protein to understand, we need to understand how the energy in our body is supplied. Through our daily diet we take carbohydrates, fats and proteins (proteins) in our body. These are the carbohydrates and fats that provide the energy that our bodies need to function. The proteins do provide care for the building, maintenance and repair of tissues in the body.

Burning carbohydrates versus fats?

In "normal" circumstances, the body will first burn carbohydrates to meet energy needs. One can consider carbohydrates as the "current account" which the normal daily energy requirements are met. It is only when these current account can not meet the energy that our bodies change channels to the burning of fats that we can consider as our "savings account" (This will be the only time that we want to plunder our savings account).

How does a protein diet?

A protein diet ensures that there are no crabs in our body ** be recorded on a continuous basis so that our body will burn fat to meet its energy needs.

Difference with a classical diet.

In the classic diet we eat less. The ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins remains the same, the amount we record's just less. The protein diet is an imbalance created in which more proteins (proteins) are recognized and less fat and crabs. The core idea of ​​a protein diet is: To lose one should NOT balanced diet!

Why proteins? Protein is an important nutrient, required for the construction, maintenance and repair of tissues in the body. Very typical of a classic diet is the loss of muscle mass due to a lack of protein and a lower metabolism: the body gets less fuel and the combustion energy put on the back burner.

At a protein diet, there is a typical reaction of the body that are "ketose" is mentioned. After 2 or 3 days the body by a shortage of carbohydrates about to burn fat, which ketose are released that provide energy (you read that right - the body does not experience hunger: in contrast to the classical diet).

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