How does yoga health?

You hear everywhere now of yoga and it should be very healthy. What's so healthy about yoga?

How does yoga health?
How does yoga health?
Yoga - The Basics

Yoga is a science of human nature. Form the basis philosophical writings, which were written thousands of years ago in India.

An important answer to what yoga is, we find in Yoga Sutra, the best-known yoga scripture. It says right at the beginning: Yoga is the "coming to rest the inner movements".

Is meant here is: if we have a balanced state of mind, we are all around us to see things more clearly able. This knowledge gives us the ability to act "correctly". The unpleasant feeling to be controlled externally, dissolves. We receive security and learn to judge ourselves correctly.

The 3 ways yoga exercise

In the last 50 years, yoga has become widespread in the Western world. In Germany alone, nearly 5 million people practice yoga regularly.

This practice includes:

Asana => exercises for the body postures
Pranayama => practice of breath control
Dhyanam => Meditation

From the practice of these 3 are mutually dependent exercise paths grows around a respectful approach to the people and things around us, but also with ourselves.

The Benefits of Yoga for Health

Yoga has become a permanent place in the health care and health maintenance. He is considered as an effective way to secure the body to old age health and elasticity.

By consciously moving, stretching and holding postures we reach the next physical "fitness" also strengthen the self-healing and mental stability.

The breath is of particular importance. He is regarded as a mediator between body and mind. All we know is in effect a breath. We feel excited, the breath is quick and unequal. In moments of physical or mental weakness of the breath is shallow. A fine, quiet breath control supports the balanced state of mind that is sought in yoga.

Through meditation and mind fulness exercises behavior patterns can be identified that might be the preservation of health and vitality in the way. For example, studies show that lifestyle changes under the influence of yoga can slow the progression of coronary disease.

Yoga exercises have many ramifications on in physiological, psychological and philosophical perspective. In his home country of India, yoga for millennia regarded as tried and tested method for higher development of the whole person to integrate mind, body and soul.


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