Different Diets To Lose Weight

What diet to follow, what are the advantages and limitations of each plan?

Select the plan that suits you, depending on how many pounds you want to lose and by your habits.

Each plan has its specificity. But be careful, do not forget that we should not lose too much in a short time, it would be dangerous for your body.

Any plan must be followed and properly applied, otherwise its effectiveness will be reduced.

Low-calorie diets :
Regimes separated diets :
  •  The Montignac diet : A special dissociated diet
  •  Regime Shelton : A system based on the separation of food categories
  •  Antoine regime : Dissociated diet one week per month
No carb diets :
  •  The low carb diet : Stop consuming carbohydrates
  •  The Atkins diet : Avoid sugar and lose weight easily
  •   Protein diet : Eat more protein and less fat and carbohydrates
Based soups diets :
  • The soup diet : Diet with vegetable soup
  • Eat fat soup : Purge the body of its excess fat
Other plans :
  •  The Dukan Diet : Intense and efficient protein diet
  •  The fiber system : Eat more fiber
  •  Regime forking : Do not eat with a fork
  • Regime Californian : Mixture of lifestyles and Cretan California
  •  Regime Mac Keith : Eat properly not to grow
  •  Regime Flicker : To lose weight fast
  •  Regime Hollywood : Eat mostly fruit diet
  • Weight Watchers method "Nothing is forbidden, everything is limited"