Lemon Diet

Lemon diet is best known for losing weight fast. In just two weeks you can loss weight 10 pounds. How much ideal weight you lose depends solely on your metabolism and how to follow directions the child.

I ask myself how it is possible that the effect of lemon can boost weight loss in so short a time? The answer is simple, lemon dissolves grease and anticipate the accumulation of new fat. In addition allay stomach acid and therefore reduces the feeling of hunger.

The concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is higher than that of the lemon, it balance a part of the potassium that is found in lemons. Potassium is very important to change the water in the body as well as to modify the nutrients from the blood into cells. The lemons are antioxidants that rejuvenate man tissue. In addition, metabolism, and by the way wins spring fatigue. Lemon is a really special foods, useful in the fight against bad cholesterol and fats that are deposited in the vessels. In short is beneficial for our line but is very important for our health.

In case you are not using diet, you should make in your diet every day put four lemons to speed up your immune system, strengthening the body and will affect the way your line. When this child is typically combined with lemon proteins thus come to lose weight that is fat, not muscle mass.

This diet was invented primarily to detoxify the body and is based on maple syrup and lemon extract with palm trees. Sirum consumed in the stages of starvation, which will give the body the necessary vitamins, proteins and minerals. It is because this is a diet for people who are completely healthy, and before should consult a physician.

Interestingly, the lemon has more sugar than strawberries. Full of vitamin C and citric acid. Also rich in essential oils such as limousine, which upheaval cholesterol synthesis. The bark contains a sugar called policosanol which helps to burn fat. Lemon stimulates circulation, which has a positive effect on cellulite and improves skin complexion and appearance. The basis of the second part of this child is normal diet with less fat and less quantity. Just depends on how much you will be based on a starvation diet by eating this syrup, Such principle you need to keep only 5 days, the weekend or just one day, so repeat each week. In the second part you will use all the protein foods group so that you will not to feel hungry.

The best effect will be achieved in many diet hold for the time change of seasons. Do you know why? Because the organism is then at the stage of awakening and activation and will be grateful for the cleansing of toxins and will cooperate with you.


  1. Thank you for sharing this useful information in terms of health! We all know that health is our wealth so we need to make sure that we are always healthy.


  2. Interesting. Finding ways to manage stress is not only important for your emotional health, but your digestive health, too.