The low calorie diet

Consume fewer calories to lose weight

The low calorie diet is not the fact of calories but fail to consume less fat. Foods with high fat and high calorie content are replaced by foods rich in carbohydrates and fiber that will reduce the notion of hunger while greatly reducing energy intake.

A low calorie diet should preferably be done with a doctor (mandatory if you want to lose 5 kilos), without exaggeration and over a short period.

The main advantage is that it allows low calorie diet to lose weight gradually while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

The duration of the low calorie diet is the number of pounds to lose and the rigor with which the plan was followed.

After the regime was a bit harsh side menus, the resumption of normal food should be gradually and eating habits are well preserved.

This will avoid the yo-yo effect and weight regain after which characterizes the regime.

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