A poor diet is the cause of many health disorders. But what exactly does "bad diet"? Read how you can influence through the careful selection of your health diet.

  • Influence of diet on health
A poor diet is the cause of many health disorders. But what exactly does "bad diet"? In this part of our website you will find information about common nutritional errors, their possible effects on health and the reputation of the ways you can make it better and healthier.
  • The influence of diet
The diet has - along with physical activity, sunlight and a balanced emotional life - probably the biggest influence on our well-being, our health and our health . While sport is not for everyone and the psyche often goes its own way, the diet can be easily, quickly and with noticeable success.

No, the genes we have not forgotten. It's just that the genes - even if they were responsible for this or that disease actually - only be active if the food is neglected, the body suffers as a result of vital material shortage, the immune system is eventually weakened and thus the right breeding ground for disease and suffering is created.
  • Wrong food
Most of us are accustomed to buy food for their food at a supermarket or fast food locations. We do that from childhood, and therefore this type of food procurement for us perfectly normal, but made ​​sure that we forgot what foods are actually healthy and good for us. And so the majority of all foods fit into the shops and restaurants in any way to a healthy diet .

It is a kaleidoscope of diverse highly industrially processed products and for most months or at least weeks durable canned. An infinite variety of chemical food additives and, in cooperation with sophisticated technological processes for an always proper optics and thus for the saleability of the goods described as food things.

  • Sick AND Healthy
But the meaning of diet is not simply to help with any mass as quickly as possible, but often only temporary and not infrequently at a price of discomfort and indigestion are fed up, but to stay healthy, happy and alive.

The saturation value of a temporary supply may perhaps be of importance in times of need. However, once we live not in a war or other crisis situations, we should rather choose our foods based on their vital material content.

Nutrients such as vitamins , enzymes and phytochemicals , however, we find in the required quantity and quality of our health only in fresh and unprocessed foods as possible. And these are only the ones who make really long enough, because you give your body everything it needs.

  • Declining Public Health
Since only a few people for fresh, unadulterated food lookout and be content with the first glimpse lush, with regard to vitality but pathetic offer of supermarkets, public health can be more and more to be desired.

Official Guides are under the influence of the industry and less concerned about the welfare of the consumer, so that the beneficiaries are ultimately those who care neither about real prevention nor true healing, but seek markets for drugs and therapies.

  • Heavenly fun and wonderful enjoyment
Hence, we offer on our sites a lot of valuable information and practical tips to help you in achieving a healthy diet and help you to maintain your health as soon as possible or they go back there.

You will learn, for example, that those foods are considered to be our staple, not really by nature of man are staples, but the ubiquitous mineral and vital material shortage, thus contributing to disease and illness.

You will learn how some foods and what foods instead harm to real well-being, can lead to real health and fitness.

Since healthy diet with the necessary knowledge prepares heavenly fun and wonderful pleasure, is very important to us to report as practical as possible, so that you will become the basis of our recipes, instructions and practical tips soon to the enthusiastic veterans in terms of healthy eating.