Are vitamins and nutritional supplements necessary

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Are Vitamins and Food supplements necessary? Clearly answered in the affirmative. But is that really so? The positive image of these chemical manufacturers is still unknown. Often consumers have drawn the conclusion that fruit and vegetables are not required to stay healthy. Lately, however, indications are growing that this Food supplements more harmful than healthy.

Today, research is the finding suggests that too many Vitamins health more harm. Between 20 and 30% of US adults take an occasional or even regular vitamin supplements. There is no scientifically sound and well-documented studies that prove that taking vitamin and mineral supplements have the same health effects, such as by eating fruits and vegetables. A balanced fitness and health diet plans with

• Five servings of fruits and vegetables a day

• Dairy products

• Grain Products

• Fish and meat (poultry)

ensuring an adequate supply of Vitamin sand all the necessary minerals. It should of course be taken in principle to the freshness and quality of individual foods. Low-fat dairy products can be enjoyed preferred grain products are important for the adequate supply of trace elements contained therein.

When healthy eating is not necessary vitamins and nutritional supplements

In order for the physical features and the biochemical processes in the body optimally, minerals, trace elements and vitamins are necessary. It is therefore not surprising that the body reacts in the absence or insufficient intake of symptoms. These might include fatigue or poor concentration. Existing illnesses may be adversely affected, different diseases are actually in direct connection with it. In a balanced health diet plans and a healthy lifestyle, the supply of vitamins and nutrients is guaranteed on a natural basis.

Supplied in the form of natural vitamins and minerals are of higher value and can be better utilized by the body and absorbed. Instead, the modern health diet plans  of fast food or finished products to make healthier through vitamin supplements, you should prefer to switch to a healthy and natural health diet plans. This is especially the sensual pleasure of fresh and quality food in the foreground.

Anti-aging and nutritional supplements from 50plus

In the phase of life from the age of 50 plus a lot of women, but men also rely on health diet plans  supplements for vitality and beauty. These are trace elements, especially selenium and others. Selenium is known as a radical scavenger and is designed to protect against harmful environmental influences. Silica is useful for a firm connective tissue and is therefore particularly at age 50 plus a premium. Biotin promotes healthy hair and nails strong and is seen particularly in combination with folic acid to be very effective. These minerals can actually be absorbed by high-quality nutritional supplements in the form, they are only available in natural foods at a very small part, and therefore provide only an inadequate supply.

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