Fitness and Health

Naturopathy teaches that physical and mental fitness is equated with a long and healthy life. Body exercises, one aspect of fitness helps prevent disease and strengthen the self-healing powers of the body perfectly. Proven to be people who are actively deal with the issue of fitness and healthy living, statistically speaking, longer.

Regular physical activity, combined with a nutrient-and fiber-rich diets are based on fitness and a healthy immune system. The risk of developing lifestyle diseases like heart attacks and obesity can be reduced by a targeted workout, increase concentration and learning through a healthy diet combined with exercise.

What is the relationship between fitness and health?

Not everyone can get excited about hiking, knee and sit-ups in the morning at the open window and cereals and raw vegetables. But that a healthy lifestyle with a rhythm of activity, relaxation and a healthy mind and body contributes is undisputed.

The testimony of the Father Jahn turn that into a healthy body a healthy mind is still relevant today. Sports and exercise, even 20 minutes a day, the immune cells up to speed. Every person wants to do every day without pain his day's work. To do this you need to muscles and joints, possibly, his entire body, can be used daily. Because can rust as unused machines, accumulate in human metabolism to inactive slag to be removed only by motion. So this may actually leave the body, regular sports-fitness or yoga exercises are necessary. This can, depending on personal preferences, are at home, performed in a club with friends or in the gym. At home, the practitioner is left unattended in the club or with friends, he has training partners, but must adhere to certain times. The training in the gym can be customized.

Ensure the success and the resulting wrong actions make you sick and destructive stress prevents the person can enjoy good health. For this reason, a call is counseling or psychotherapy as well yoga into a comprehensive health program.

Which sports are most healthy?

In fitness training, there are fads and trends. Basically, the increase of health-conscious to his fitness, will choose a sport they like. These points can be two to three times a week, for half an hour to exercise alone in the club or at a fitness center. To increase the body's defenses are swimming, cycling, brisk walking, running, dancing, yoga, particularly well suited.

Swimming is a sport that is first of all like to exercise in the summer. It makes for a use as many muscles. The movement in the water makes a lot of fun. Cycling is the fitness enthusiasts throughout the year. The route is selected depending on your mood and driven. Brisk walking is preferred by people who have previously operated rare sports or suffer from physical problems. They usually choose short distances depend on the daytime functioning. Regular walking, even over long distances is something for people who want his head to run freely. You only start times and realize after a while they will not want more time with himself. Who wants to maintain togetherness in his sport with a partner to dance well advised. The joint movement not only strengthens the connective tissue but also the relationship.

People seeking a holistic fitness method, like yoga. It includes mental and physical exercises, combined with a healthy diet. Of course, a combination of various sports is possible.

What are your risks and benefits?

In principle, anyone who has never run the sport, start with an aerobic exercise. After 45 years it is reasonable to be carried out before training a health check. After a thorough examination, the doctor may also in heart and vascular patients give training recommendations. In the zeal to quickly get fit again, many people tend to overwhelm her body. As long as the practitioner can not breathe without exaggeration a conversation, it is not overloaded.

The fun factor is increased over time, the good mood rises. Man is more balanced.

As sports and fitness will help you lose weight?

Who takes fewer calories each day than it consumes decreases inevitably. Eating less or lower-calorie diet, but only the basal metabolic rate. This means that the body adapts to the times of privation, but it will also build muscle. Sports will ensure that the trainee burns calories and building of muscles. The cravings will soon after a dietetic treatment brings back the pounds on the hips as kept in check. When running sports with friends, in clubs and gyms is that he sells boredom that often leads to an immoderate eating. Many overweight people are missing the motivation to practice sports. You remember many of the gymnastics squads in school, the teasing classmates. This can be through sports with like-minded people or small workouts with familiar people prevent, for example, in the seclusion of the forest.

Anyone who appreciates even pay attention to his fitness, takes his meals in good company, indulges in the evening to relax, be inspired to learn, interested in others and pushes his decisions to better fitness is not long on the bench.

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