The dissociated diet

Dissociated diet Eat everything but at the same time

The dissociated diet is a method of eating but not all at the same time: each food consumed in isolation does not grow even if absorbed in large quantities.

Each day is dedicated to one type of food: meat or fish or eggs or dairy or vegetables or fruits. And you will eat the food at every meal of the day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and nothing else!

Failure to eat only one food on a meal leads to a faster satiety, so we monge less and lose weight.

Of course, the dissociated diet should be practiced over a short period to avoid deficiencies.

Methods Montignac, Antoine and Shelton are based on dissociated diet.

Example dissociated diet menu:
  • Monday : exclusive consumption of fish
  • Tuesday : exclusive consumption of fruits
  • Wednesday : exclusive consumption of dairy
  • Thursday : exclusive consumption of vegetables
  • Friday : exclusive consumption of meat
  • Saturday : exclusive consumption of cheese
  • Sunday : exclusive consumption of eggs

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